The Best Financial Advice from Mom

Mothers can come in all different forms: a mentor, a mother-in-law, the checkout lady at the grocery store that always offers motherly advice, and even a friend. My mom and I are very close and I attribute much of my success and character to lessons I learned from her. She taught me how to make her world-famous chicken noodle soup, the importance of being a thoughtful and caring friend, and how to flourish in business. And although her shoe collection is more extensive than most, she taught me how to be financially responsible, set a budget for what I want, and purchase quality over quantity.

Good investing advice is hard to come by, especially if you are a novice investor or the first person in your family to purchase stock. In honor of Mother’s Day, a few members of our team reflected on the noteworthy investing advice they received from their moms over the years. Here is some of the most fabulous financial advice the Stockpile crew received from their mothers:

“Save and invest early because every little bit counts. You can’t get back time for growing your money with compound interest.” – Mom of Avi Lele, CEO of Stockpile

“Start early and be conservative” but I did the opposite… I’m risky, and I didn’t have the funds to start early 😝 – Namrata Ganatra, CTO of Stockpile

There are a few I could attribute to her if she were still here: “Consistent investors are the most successful investors.”, “Live within your means!”, “Don’t count another man’s money unless they’re going to share with it you, so you better invest wisely.” – Mother of Chris Newman, VP of Operations

“You are never too poor to give.” – Mom of Marikate Gardler, Customer Care Representative

“It is not about timing the market, is the time in the market.” – Madre of Juan-David Rodriguez, Partnerships Manager

“Save more than you spend.” – Mother of Trung La, Head of Customer Care

“Find out what you love you to do and then find a way to make money doing it” and “Always pay yourself first” – Mom of Jenny Jeansonne, Director of Partnerships and Growth

“Make a budget, put it on a spreadsheet and stick to it.”  – Mom of Meghan Gardler, Community Manager

“It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man!” – Mother of Kristin Zuwalt, Affiliate Manager


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