6 Ways to Save This Summer

People tend to spend more money during the hot season, but you can still save money. You don’t have to avoid vacations to save up; you only have to be smart about it. Saving up during the summer does not mean that you don’t get to do fun activities.

It’s much easier to stay at home, chill, and have a cup of warm tea in the dead of winter than in the heat of summer. In the summer fun activities pop up on every corner, tourist destinations like beaches are at peak season, and more goods fill the markets because of the harvest season. Summer makes people spend more money—which is not a bad thing—unless you want to save money and cut down on your expenses. As they say, summer is just around the corner, so if you wish to avoid all the temptations that go along with it, here are six pro-tips to get you through.

Have fun for less.

People flock to tropical beaches during the summer because of the heat. They travel, book hotels, and incur more damage to their savings by eating out and buying souvenirs. If you want to spend time with your family, you can choose to set up an inflatable swimming pool in your backyard and have a nice barbecue cook-off. You might be surprised by how much bonding this activity can bring. Besides, overly crowded beaches can be more stressful than relaxing.

Organize activities for the kids during the summer.

Instead of paying for an expensive vacation, you can invest your kids’ time in activities that will enrich their minds. For a lower price, you can get them an art set, or a musical instrument that they can learn over the summer. Many free instructional videos, on any topic from music to learning a language, are available for free on YouTube. You can even learn along with your kids. Doing this can be a great opportunity to bond with them while they are not in school

Buy gifts during holiday sales.

Summer is full of many celebrations: graduations, weddings, and baby showers. That means you’ll be buying a ton of gifts. Advance plan your gift shopping to land on the weekend of one of the summer holidays, such as Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and 4th of July. That way you take advantage of holiday sales from various stores.

Be thrifty while on vacation.

If you absolutely must go on vacation, you can still cut down on your expenses by packing grocery food instead of dining out. Most restaurants around vacation destinations charge more, knowing that they can take advantage of tourists. You might try staying at a lodge that has kitchens in the rooms so you can cook instead of going out to eat. Pack your bag full of portable foods like granola bars and trail mix so you don’t feel tempted to stop at every restaurant along your travels. Also, avoid overspending on unnecessary items such as souvenirs, which also make a vacation more expensive. Try sticking to buying just one souvenir as a token to remember your trip by.

Have a small income-generating activity while school is out.

Your kids will want to spend money, why does it have to be yours? For teenagers, encourage them to get a part-time job to help pay for things like eating out or going to the movies with their friends. For younger kids, it can be a lemonade stand in front of your house, and they can use this money to buy toys or games. This has the added benefit of showing them how to become productive outside of school while learning new life skills. By exposing them to these types of challenges, you are teaching them to earn and save money while they are still young.

Reduce your electricity consumption.

You may have noticed that your electricity bill surges during the summer season. This is because we tend to use more air conditioning and fans when it’s hot. Save money by turning down the air conditioning and other cooling appliances when it’s not needed. For example, you can turn on your fan to low instead of going full Winter Wonderland during the night. You can also dry your laundry outside during the hot days instead of using up electricity in the dryer.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can still be active, even in the summer season of spending. You might be surprised how enjoyable these activities can be without all the damage to your bank account. Saving money during the summer does not mean that you have to sulk inside the house while everyone is having a fun time outside. A little planning can make your summer both fun and affordable.



/meghan Gardler