5 Ways to Save Money When Planning a Wedding

Weddings are one of the most significant events in your life. It marks a new chapter for you and your partner, and a lot of changes are sure to occur. Rooms will be newly decorated, tax rates will be adjusted, and last names might be changed. A wedding can leave you with great memories but can also leave you with something else: battered finances.

Around $72 billion is spent in the US for just weddings alone, with 2.3 million couples getting married in a year, according to SoundVision. On average, couples spend $25,764 on a marriage. That is a lot of money! 

Making a budget for the big day is a necessity if you want to reduce stress in your brand new marriage. To make sure that you create beautiful memories instead of financial headaches, here are five easy ways to save money for your wedding. 

Earn while you spend

Buying wedding invitations and ring pillows? Perhaps gifts for guests or additional decor for the wedding venue? All of these little expenses accumulate and can even eclipse your more significant expenditures.

For items that can be purchased via credit card, talk to your bank and ask if they offer any cashback promos. This will help you in two ways: improve your reputation with the bank since you will be using their credit card, and get cash back which can save you some money.

Additionally, some services offer you cash back for items that you purchase from online or retail stores. A few examples are ShopAtHome and Ebates. These sites have partnerships with big retailers like Amazon, eBay and even Walmart and Macy’s, helping you earn points or get cash back for shopping.

Imagine using your cash back promo from your credit card, plus receive online cashback from reputable stores. You could save some serious cash! Little things like wedding invitations, balloons, and another small decor suddenly become affordable. In fact, you can also find unique and exciting items that you can use as gifts. The more you order, the more you save!

Be strategic in planning the date

Just by changing the date to a less popular month, you may save on costs. Around 30% of all weddings happen between June and August, while only 4.7% happen in January, and 6% happen in March, according to SoundVision.

Meanwhile, the most popular day to get married is Saturday, followed by Sunday. 

If you book during the so-called dry months, January and March, or on low-demand days like Tuesday and Thursday, many wedding planners, venues, caterers, other services will give lower rates.

You may get the same high-quality services at a fraction of the cost! Another great way to catch those sweet promotional prices? Book ahead of time. 

Save money on wedding favors 

One notable expense is the wedding favor for guests so that they leave with a small memento they can treasure.

But the expense grows as your guest list gets bigger. To counteract that increasing expense, buy the gifts in bulk. Rather than just buy from a retail store, file down the product and do your research online. You may get the manufacturer. Once you contact the manufacturer, you can get a quote or ask if there are preferred partnerships. If the price reduction does not seem worth the hassle, then ask the retailer if there are any discounts if items are bought in bulk.

If you are on the fence, looking at the price when you buy in bulk will make you jump to the moon!

For instance, you can get engraved personalized wine glasses for under a dollar in WholeSaleFavors if your order reaches a certain threshold. But even if you will only order 12 glasses, the price is just around $2.50 per glass — not bad, considering the quality.

Another cool gift idea is stylish and exotic Japanese Fans for only $2.99 from Light in the Box, one among many sites that cater to wedding favors in bulk.

Wedding dresses do not need to be made of silk.

The wedding gown is another significant expense for the wedding. Prices can go up into the tens of thousands of dollars for a dress that you or your partner will only wear once.

If you want to own the wedding dress, you can find gowns at discounted prices by scouring the big annual sales of well-known companies. For instance, there are charity events where wedding dresses that can fetch for $2,000 are sold for just $300 or $400. Brides Against Breast cancer is one such charity. Many outlets also allow you to rent a dress. 

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and we’re not talking about Christmas.

Flowers and food for the wedding are another big drains to the pocketbook.

Cut expenses by making sure to get both of these organic materials in season. For instance, if you have chosen January as the wedding month, choose winter flowers for the arrangements and dinner recipes that use winter produce. 

Retailers and caterers may also give significant discounts in January since the holiday rush is over and they have to clear the inventory. Holiday-themed wine, beer, and meat products may also be cheaper. 

Be smart about your big day.

By making strategic choices such as cash back shopping and picking an alternative wedding date, you can save big bucks. Buying in bulk and in season means that products are in abundant supply with low demand, which means better prices for you. You can also help both yourself and your community by buying wedding dresses from charity auctions.

Using these easy ways to save money can mean greater peace of mind as the big day approaches. And after saving on the wedding, you can make your savings grow further by investing wisely. That way, your new marriage will be not only happy but financially stable. 



/meghan Gardler